Stop struggling to get your design off the ground
and create a brand design that finally feels like you.

This 6-week live group program will take you from zero to a true-to-you design that you love, without breaking the bank.

You’ll get a proven step-by-step design process, the tech tools and tutorials you need, as well as hand-holding and feedback from a professional designer while you’re working on your DIY.

No more procrastinating! Let’s get your graphics ready to go so you can get out there and make money!

This Course is perfect you if

  • You want a website that reflects your unique personality, attracts your ideal client, and that you’re able to promote with confidence and excitement – but you don’t have the money to hire a designer right now.
  • You’re overwhelmed with all the information available out there and just don’t know where to even start designing. Do you need a logo first? Colours? Fonts? (Help!)
  • You just really want your designs to not look like a ten-year-old designed them.
  • Your brand feels all over the place, without any sort of coherent style.
  • You’re going crazy trying to decide what colours and fonts work for your brand.
  • You’re wasting hours of your time tweaking and trying to get your design to look just right before putting yourself out there and you still feel “meh” about it. So. Much. Time. Time you could be using to do your best work and earn good money instead.

This is how I can help you!

Hi, I’m Ffion, and I totally get you!

I’m the graphics and web designer behind KALEIDOSKOP. As a freelancer I have worked with hundreds of clients: from designing blog themes for people just starting out, to working on the team of internet millionaire Kimra Luna.

When I started my business I had just finished studying, had practically no resources, no connections, and worst of all, no money — so I know what it’s like to try to make it all work on a budget.

Over the years I have worked with all levels of businesses but my heart has really stuck with the new businesses who struggle to look good online but don’t want to break the bank – those baby stages of business are SO important, and how you look online can make or break your confidence when you’re just getting started.

After years of working 1:1 with clients I’ve now distilled my design process down into a step-by-step blueprint of how to get from nothing to a fully branded business, so that new businesses can get looking good, and fast – and I’m handing that knowledge over to you so you can start building your design on solid foundations NOW instead of when you’re (“someday”) rich.

This might be for you if

  • You started your business ages ago but still aren’t booking clients because your design doesn’t look professional enough and you’re too embarrassed to share. (Hello design shame!)
  • You’re feeling lost because you just don’t know where to start when it comes to designing for your brand and wish there was just a clear step by step that teaches you how to nail down the visuals for your brand and create your first set of images. You just want someone to tell you what to do, dammit.
  • You have some good ideas, but the tech is driving you crazy and you’re unable to translate the designs in your head into something you can actually use.
  • You’re re-inventing the wheel for every blog graphic you create and it’s exhausting.
  • Designing has become a procrastination tool in your business and you just want to get that part over and done with so you can move on and start making money.
  • You repeatedly end up with clients who don’t really jive with you because your design just doesn’t really reflect who you are or what you do, but you don’t know what the hell you can do about it.

Worst of all

All this time spent watching youtube tutorials, swearing at Canva, and looking up the bazillionth font you are missing out on dream clients and money because you’re in over your head tweaking details with nothing to show for it at the end of the day.

Your business deserves better. You deserve better.

Join me, and by the end of our time together

you will be able to

  • Confidently share your work and put yourself out there without worrying about looking unprofessional and cringing with design shame.
  • Create new designs going forth with confidence and ease, without going back to the drawing board every time.
  • Get your designs done, stop procrastinating, and just start sharing your stuff.
  • Get more clients you adore and who totally click with you because your design is finally attracting the right people. Work has never been more fun. Or less like work.
  • Finally be taken seriously enough to be trusted with people’s money and time because your design reflects your professional attitude.


For the first time I am condensing the signature design process I go through with my branding clients into a simplified, step-by-step process so I can help a wider range of people get over their design woes and just start creating while getting hands-on attention and feedback from a professional designer.

You will walk away with.

  • A consistent brand that reflects your unique personality and style, including your logo, fonts, colours and imagery.
  • Your very own design reference sheet to guide you through creating future graphics.
  • A folder full of 20+ graphics for your business ready to go. Blog images, Social Media Images, Facebook Ads, Website banners, simple PDF designs, you name it.
  • A solid design process, so you can keep creating new designs for future projects, over and over again.
  • A checklist covering all the steps so you can just focus on what’s next instead of getting overwhelmed.

Course Curriculum

Here’s what we’ll be working on together.


What Branding is and Why it Matters. Putting the Heart and Soul of your Brand into words and filling out your Brand Vision Worksheet, so you’ll be super clear when you dive into creating your design.

Week 1 - Moodboard

Using your Brand Vision Worksheet as a guide, we’ll be collecting visual inspiration, distilling it down to its essence and creating a moodboard as a blueprint for the visual direction of your design.

Week 2 - Colours

Referring back to your moodboard, you’ll learn how to combine colours and fonts and will select the pairings that best suit your brand personality.

Week 3 - Fonts

You’ll learn where to find free and premium fonts and what to pay attention to so that you’re safe on the legal side.

Week 4 - Logo

You’ll learn the characteristics of a good logo and we’ll explore simple techniques as well as the technical tools necessary for creating a simple logo design that you can get started with.

Week 5 - Brand Images

Where to find decent images that don’t scream “STOCKPHOTO!” at you, good sources for free and premium images, selecting appropriate images for your brand and styling your images for a coherent look.

Week 6 - Putting it All Together

Final details and creating your brand style guide to use as a reference for yourself or for other freelancers working for your business going forth. You’ll be able to quickly look up your colours, fonts and anything else you might need when creating graphics and save yourself a ton of time.

BONUS Week - Website

I’ll teach you how to create an incredibly simple one-page website using the Divi drag-and-drop theme so you can just get going with getting clients instead of wasting hours building your site. Divi theme included for free ($89/year value), as well as a website template ($97 value) you can drag and drop your own branding materials into if creating from scratch seems too daunting.

Your Images

Throughout the course you’ll also be constantly working on various graphics assignments that will familiarize you with the technical tools as well as leave you with a ready to go set of images when you finish the course. Whether it’s social media images, blog post images, website headers or simple PDF designs, you’ll leave the course with your images ready to go, as well as with the knowledge and tech-smarts to create more going forth.

What you get

  • Weekly Live Call with Q & A and written material for each module.
    Live calls will be held on Tuesdays 7PM EST for each week of the course.
    Replays will be available, so you’re covered if you can’t make the live calls.
  • Tech Tutorials (made easy!) to help you start implementing your graphics right away.
  • Weekly homework to get you implementing what you’ve learned throughout the course.
  • Facebook Group for accountability, support and community. You get access to me during office hours, are able to interact with other participants, share what you’re working on and feedback each other’s work for even more eyes on your work. The more the merrier!
  • Access to me, so you can get any and all of your design questions answered during the course.
  • Templates for common design needs, i.e. Social Media Graphics and PDF designs as well as a template for a simple one-page website.

Honestly, this is so incredibly helpful!! I have made great progress over the last couple of days. It has been very fast and so easy. Honestly, I needed this so much exactly now. Huge, huge thanks and major kudos to you!!

I loved the brand visioning work. Much of this I “knew”, but I had not articulated it so completely. I learned a few key things about my brand as I went through this process, and these insights can be used both in my branding and in my marketing.

Seriously, brilliant, brilliant product. HEIDI STIVLAND

Working with Ffion has been an adventure full of discoveries about branding and my business!

When I signed up for the programme, I felt totally lost and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to brand my biz on my own. This programme not only helped me to understand what branding is all about but also how to dig deep into my business and I am now definitely more confident in my design process.

I really loved Ffion’s on-going support throughout the program. She was always present to give a helping hand (digitally :)) and her tips and suggestions are always spot on. She is definitely the go to person to learn how to brand your business from start to finish.

It’s surprising how little tweaks can change the overall look of your design! ANONYMOUS

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How to register

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  • You’ll receive an introductory email with all the info you need regarding our time together
Everything about Ffion screams creative genius!

Her design range is unparalleled. Whatever you want or are dreaming of, she can do it. I can’t recommend her enough. Hire her! She will elevate all of your ideas and make them better. JAMIE JENSEN

You always delivered MORE and BETTER than I even thought possible.

You’re clearly a creative genius when it comes to bringing design to life! I felt like you just “got it” and you always delivered MORE and BETTER than I even thought possible. You are by far one of the most talented designers on the scene right now. You are amazing! ANNA LONG

She intuitively and immediately “got” my brand essence

Ffion has single-handedly taken my business to the next level and made my work look professional and presentable. She intuitively and immediately “got” my brand essence and made suggestions for things to add that were spot on. Ffion is timely and professional and will totally ROCK your design. Don’t wait – start right, and hire Ffion. KATE ANTHONY

I knew as soon as I contacted Ffion that I was in safe hands.

She came up with something I would have NEVER been able to develop myself! I love that my logo represents me and speaks to the people I want to get my message across to. It is artistic and beautiful and it was a quick and simple process. I can’t wait to work with her again on my website design in the future! AUDREY HOLST


I’m just starting out, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for this course.
What level should my business be at?

This course is perfect for new business owners. You should be fairly clear on your business message, what sort of business you have, who you’re serving and what you’re offering them and you will be asked to fill out questions about these topics during your pre-work. The clearer you are, the more solid a design you’ll be able to create.

I don’t have Photoshop and have never used a graphics program.
Can I still do the course?

I will be teaching you to design your images using mostly free tools available online. You do not need to have any prior Photoshop knowledge, nor knowledge in any other graphics business. We will likely be using Canva quite a bit, so bonus points to you if you already know how to use that, but it’s not a requirement and will be covered in the course. You will need a computer (duh) and internet access to be able to participate.

Do I have to design things like you for this to work for me?

Absolutely not! I teach you my blueprint and give you the tips and tools, but you’ll be working to bring your very own style to the table and bring that personality out in your design.

Is there a payment plan available?

If you need to split your payment plans, shoot me an e-mail and we can chat about this.

Still got questions?

No problem! Hit me up at and let’s chat!


Brand your own Business is currently Closed!
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